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12 Birra Fyne Ales Hurricane Jack 0,50 l

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Product Code: 12 Birra Fyne Ales Hurricane Jack 0,50 l

NATION: Scotland
CONTENT: 0,50 l

DESCRIPTION: Golden Ale with soft hints of malt and honey that soon however evolve into fresh notes citrus and herbaceous thanks to the intelligent hopping. On the palate we find these features. Dangerously drinkable and excellent "kill-thirst" during the heat summer, the Hurricane Jack will accompany us sip after sip from the soft notes of honey and English malt biscuit up to the quintessence of hops with the its splendid finale full of nuances resinous / citrus (tangerine, grapefruit and a touch of lemon). Originally produced as a kind of experiment to clarify interactions between toasted malt and hops, the recipe from Hurricane Jack is the same as VItal Spark, unless roasted malts. It is produced with hops Amarillo and Cascade, two hops that complement each other very well, giving the beer its character citrusy


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