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12 Birra Chimay Cinq Cents Triple

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Product Code: 12 Birra Chimay Cinq Cents Triple

NATION: Belgium
CONTENT: 0,75 l

DESCRIPTION: Trappist beer of golden color that combines sweet and bitter in a rare balance. On the palate it shows an aroma that directly recalls the aromas of hops: the flavor is enhanced by the fruity touches of muscat grape, raisins and apple. It is the last beer born in Chimay, and stands out at first sight for its beautiful golden yellow color topped by a fine foam hat. The scent of the Triple is fruity and reminiscent of raisins and ripe apples; the taste is a balanced mix between the sweet malt and the bitter hops. This beer should be drunk at temperatures of 6-8 ° C, and is characterized by an alcohol content of 8 °. The 750ml bottle label shows the words "Cinq Cents" Similarly to what happens in the other Trappist monasteries, Chimay beers are produced under the supervision of the monks who guarantee the quality of the product and full respect for the traditions. Since the brewery is not a profit-making business for its own sake, the proceeds from sales are entirely allocated to charitable works, social projects and management and maintenance costs of the facilities. For the production of Trappist beers, pure water is extracted from a well located within the monastery walls ... and processing residues are used as feed. Bottling takes place in a plant located outside the monastery, and before being marketed the beers rest for three weeks during which the refermentation in the bottle will take place.


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